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Spacetime Studios is an experienced game development studio comprised of an extremely successful team of veterans in the genre. We have a mature and professional work ethic and highly competitive salary, benefits and organizational structure. We are making fun and there's no better job in the world!
The studio is located in one of the best cities to live in anywhere, Austin, Texas. Parenting Magazine ranks Austin the #2 city in America for families. Besides great family features, Austin has amazing weather, incredible restaurants, a thriving game-development culture, and some of the best live music in the world.

This is your opportunity to join the team behind the groundbreaking fantasy mobile MMO Pocket Legends, the epic mobile sci-fi MMO Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles and the vampire adventure Dark Legends.

Find out why named Spacetime Studios one of the top 50 game developers to watch for 2012. Develop 100 Magazine also listed Spacetime Studios as one of the top 100 game developers world wide. Don't take just their word for it - check out our Spacetime Studios Press Links.


S.P.A.C.E.TIME - Our Values


  • At Spacetime Studios, you are empowered to utilize your unique talents to go beyond your day-to-day direction and contribute to our goals in ways we could never anticipate!


  • Your passion is about making games, and we have an environment where that can thrive. Spacetime is about doing what you love to do, every day.    


  • This isn’t just about being responsible, but becoming an “owner” of what you do. We look for people who treat their specific role within the organization as its own business and put their all into its success. 


  • Collaboration involves the flexibility to adjust with the needs of your teammates, the assertiveness to have your needs met and the ability to do both with respect. Collaboration is what a team is all about, and at Spacetime, we support each other and know that our support will be reciprocated.


  • Being effective is the result of bringing together all our other values – and having a ton of fun while doing it!


  • We value your time more than anything else. That’s why we have never crunched, and never will.